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Calaway•Young Cancer Center Is One Of A Kind

As the leading cancer treatment facility in the Rockies, the Calaway•Young Cancer Center is home to a nationally-renowned, highly-skilled, innovative and respected team of providers with accreditations for the most advanced technologies and cancer treatment options in the country. At this unique treatment center, our providers understand that there is no “one type” of cancer. Using advanced technologies like tumor-genetic profiling and achieving unique accreditations for several radiation treatments and more than 120 therapeutic agents, we believe that your treatment plan should be as unique as you are.

Through a collaborative and communicative approach, we work closely with other caregivers at Valley View, including primary care physicians, surgeons and other medical specialists, to support high-quality, compassionate care for each patient. It is this rare combination of world-class medicine in a small-town setting that makes Calaway•Young Cancer Center a truly special place, giving our patients the added benefits of comfort, convenience and compassion during one of the most challenging moments of their lives.


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Calaway•Young Cancer Center offers an extensive list of treatment options for men and women who are diagnosed with cancer. Our services include advanced medical oncology, radiation oncology, infusion, integrated therapies, patient counseling and survivorship programs. Our cancer center provides leading medical care to the people of the Roaring Fork Valley, Steamboat Springs, Grand Junction, Meeker, Rifle and beyond.


Integrated Therapies

We offer a variety of complementary, individualized treatments for patients undergoing treatment at Calaway•Young Cancer Center.

The Integrated Therapies staff provides exceptional care for patients throughout the cancer center.

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Our medical and radiation oncologists utilize a collaborative care approach, working closely with other caregivers at Valley View Hospital, including primary care physicians, surgeons, and other medical specialists to support high-quality, compassionate care for each patient.

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"Greetings Dr. Rossi, I don't know who hires and trains your employees but I have to say, I have never in all my travels, through 20 countries in this world and every state in the United States, I have never, ever met such Quality, Caring and Professional people anywhere. From my first contact as well as my follow-up, not to mention the oversight of the nurse navigator and her expertise and watchful caring, as well as your personal nurse, to integrated therapies, who ever does your hiring and training, it is the best place I've ever been in this world- Congratulations, keep it up!!! One last comment. In my quest to find the best treatment I was told by three different doctors that you were unquestionably the BEST! In my experience in working with you thus far you have surpassed what your colleagues have said about you. I don't know if you have any idea what that does emotionally and realistically in a patient's heart, but I can tell you it adds to the healing - Big Time! I say two thumbs up to the Calaway-Young Cancer Center and Valley View!"


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"We wanted to tell you about our recent and ongoing experience at the Calaway-Young Cancer Center. A cancer diagnosis is life-changing and so our experience with your facility, nursing and allied staff, and doctors is very important for both patient and caregiver. We hope our few remarks below will help you with your administration of the center and give assurance to new patients about the quality of care they can expect. We’ve learned from other sources that the technology offered is state of the art. The facility is beautiful. The exam rooms and waiting areas are welcoming and comforting to the patient and caregiver. In his work, the patient has been in cancer centers around the country, including university hospitals, and none compare. The nursing and allied staff, were all dedicated to doing their best and concerned about the patient’s well-being at all times. They were also committed to learning any new procedures or processes and did so with interest whereas in other places, the same people might not be as attentive due to the volume of patients seen or a high level of stress experienced by staff. Thank you, for checking in with us so often and showing such compassion to our family members."


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"Dr. Rovira - He saved my life and I am forever grateful. He is the best physician I have ever had!!!"



"Saw Dr. Rossi when he was in Atlanta. He is one of the best!"



"To my dear Infusion Oncology Nurses, Thank you for your care and support at a time in my life that could have been seen as dark. Your competency and understanding helped me to move forward, hopeful that everything would turn out well. It is over a year since we met on a regular basis, and hindsight emphasizes how crucial that time was, and how fortunate I was to have you to work with. It is an important memory. God bless you all, and give you strength, patience, and reassurance that you make a wonderful difference."


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