Here at Calaway•Young Cancer Center, we treat you with the most innovative therapies available, while still maintaining a small town atmosphere of community and compassion. While undergoing treatment at Calaway•Young Cancer Center, you become a part of the collaboration amongst our physicians, nurses, and other professionals who are there for you from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. This is a fundamental attitude in our care and our staff because we can accomplish more when we work together towards your well-being.

Integrated Therapies

Integrated Therapies - Patients and their caregivers often experience stress, the anxiety, aches, pains and other issues with recovery that can be cared for in ways that go beyond the norm. Integrated therapists provide care that aligns with the medical, surgical and pharmaceutical treatment that patients already receive.

Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology - Medical oncology is a branch of medicine that coordinates the treatment of cancer using medication. Our medical oncologists and their team will work with your healthcare providers, surgeons, radiation oncologists and others to assist in your cancer care.

Nurse Navigation

Nurse Navigation - Oncology Nurse Navigators help patients navigate the system to ensure prompt delivery of treatment and transition back into a normal routine after treatments have finished. Our nurse navigators serve as a resource for teaching patients about their disease and side effects from treatments.

Pallative Care

Pallative Care - Palliative care is a specialized medical service focused on alleviating pain, anxiety, and other distressing symptoms in patients facing a serious illness. The goal is to understand the values of the patient and their family to ensure that their treatment best matches their wishes.

Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology - Radiation Oncology has developed into a widely utilized treatment for certain types of cancer. In radiation oncology, radiation is used to destroy or stop the cancer growth. This radiation is delivered by precise technology under the guidance of an entire team of highly trained staff.


Research - The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) at Valley View (VV) is here to help patients make informed decisions about whether a clinical trial is right for them. The OCR staff, in partnership with the oncology team, is always available to discuss the clinical trials currently open at VVH, and to educate patients and their families about what it means to participate in a clinical trial.

Support Groups

Support Groups & Counseling - Patients and their loved ones often face many new concerns and fears following a cancer diagnosis. Our support services staff will meet with you throughout the treatment process to assess any worries you may have, and to help address your needs and concerns.

Survivorship Program

Survivorship Program - The survivorship program offers continued support for patients completing treatment and moving into a post-treatment surveillance period. The program includes a personalized summary of procedures, medical and radiation oncology treatments, a cancer-specific survivorship care plan, and an optional individualized counseling session with an oncology professional to discuss post-treatment well-being.