Meet Our Team

10 Team Members
  • Paul Bunn, M.D.

    Paul Bunn, M.D.

    Medical Oncologist

    Dr. Paul Bunn is an experienced medical oncologist who is committed to helping patients of Calaway Young Cancer Center with expert, personalized care.

  • Our Infusion Team

    Our Infusion Team

    Care Specialists

    Whatever your cancer diagnosis, our team of biotherapy-certified nurses is here to provide the care you need, from chemotherapy to immunotherapy.

  • Kathy Hassel, M.D.

    Kathy Hassel, M.D.


    Board-certified hematologist Dr. Kathy Hassel specializes in cancer treatments at Calaway Young while also teaching at the University of Colorado.

  • Our Navigation Team

    Our Navigation Team

    Care Specialists

    Our navigation team consists of talented nurse navigators, a caring social worker, and a compassion chaplain who help patients through their journey.

  • David Marcus, M.D.

    David Marcus, M.D.

    Radiation Oncologist

    Dr. David Marcus is a board-certified radiation oncologist who specializes in radiation therapy at the Calaway Young Cancer Center in Colorado.

  • Stephen Mayer, M.D.

    Stephen Mayer, M.D.

    Medical Oncologist

    Board certified in medical oncology, Dr. Stephen Mayer strives to help patients make informed decisions as they navigate through treatment options.

  • Integrated Therapies

    Integrated Therapies

    Care Specialists

    Our integrated therapies team consists of a compassionate group of professionals who are committed to providing patients with expert support.

  • Peter Rossi, M.D.

    Peter Rossi, M.D.

    Radiation Oncologist

    Dr. Peter Rossi is a board-certified radiation oncologist who works closely with the cancer care team at Valley View to treat a variety of cancers.

  • Matthew L. Stinson, PA-C

    Matthew L. Stinson, PA-C

    Physician Assistant

    For over 15 years, Matt Stinson has been part of the Valley View team serving the Roaring Fork communities and beyond.

  • Kimberly Burns, NP

    Kimberly Burns, NP

    Nurse Practitioner

    As a cancer nurse practitioner with over ten years of experience, Kim is privileged to care for patients and their families.